As many of you know, we recently welcomed Oliver Mizon to the Fisheye team as an account and project manager. Oli has a wealth of experience managing Magento websites and projects.

In effort for you to get to know him better, we asked him 10 burning questions and here is how he answered:

Tell us a bit about who you are?

My name is Oli, I am 37 years old and I come from Chester. I have been working in eCommerce for about 10 years now and joined Fisheye in May.

What is your experience of working with Magento?

I have been working as a Account Manager/Project Manager on Magento for the last 5 years. My experience ranges from end to end management of the full project lifecycle of a new build site to managing day to day support issues for clients.

How would you describe your role at Fisheye?

I see my role at Fisheye as having 2 parts. Firstly, I am acting as the contact for clients who have strategic development contracts with us. Keeping them informed about developments on their sites and planning future updates with them. And secondly, I am Project Managing some of the new builds we are working on looking after the builds from end to end.

Do you have a Top tip for online store owners?

Yes, try to keep it simple. Customers want to access information about your products quickly on your website – they are unlikely to be experts about your products like you are and can be put off by too much going on. Try to present the information simply and clearly to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find what they want and checkout. A website is never perfect, it will evolve over time so you can adjust your offering as you go based on observations but try to avoid cramming too much in at any one time.

When you’re not at work, what do you like to do?

I like to play golf at the weekend and during the summer I go out sea kayaking. I am also a keen Liverpool FC fan and get to Anfield as often as I can or failing that will watch the match in the pub.

What’s your weirdest possession?

I had to have a think about this question – I think it’s a signed copy of a book called ‘The Search For Peace’ by former Cabinet Minister Douglas Hurd. I have had it sitting on the shelf for 20 years (it’s moved house with me about 7 times) and I have never read it! I probably should.

Most likely to hear on your Spotify playlist…

Recently I’ve been revisiting the classics from my youth, so Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Neil Young and Dr Dre are my most played at the moment.

What’s the last great thing you read?

I am a big Charles Dickens fan and have a collection of all his books, I just finished re-reading Great Expectations – great book.

If you were deserted on a desert island which two people would you most like to be stranded with?

Bear Grylls for survival/boat building expertise. And the incumbent President of the USA (whoever it is at the time, not Trump specifically) – they’re constantly tracked by several security details so I am sure they’d track us down for rescue pretty quickly. Also POTUS would have some interesting chat which would help pad out my best selling book about the experience.

What’s your survival strategy for the zombie apocalypse?

Simple – break in to local gun shop to get some supplies, then to the nearest army barracks for better weapons, rations and transportation (possibly build the ranks of my crew with some extra trained personnel here), then on to the nearest port to acquire a big boat (ideally a super yacht). Then a pleasant cruise down to Madeira or the Canary Islands to find an island to clear of zombies and set up a new settlement that is easy to protect from invaders.