Ok so there are millions of blogs in cyberspace, but don’t let this put you off setting up your own. At the heart of blogging is the potential to connect, to resonate and engage others, do this well and your blog could be very good for business.

#1 Establish your company as a thought leader and authority in your market place.

The key to a business blog is to think like a magazine publisher, your goal is to publish articles that share business expertise, much in the way a column or article in an industry magazine would.

Beware. Too many businesses use their blogs as dumping grounds for self-promotional press releases, sales pitches and product news. You’ve seen them, but you haven’t read them because they miss the mark on what a blog is supposed to be. What does you industry and potential clients need to know about? A good place to start is to think of 10 common questions customers ask you use them as 10 blog post headings. Do this and you will have a good foundation from which to grow.

Look out for next week’s Fisheye blog post on ‘how to create great blog content’, for more help and guidance.

#2 Build a foundation of trust with your customers and potential customers

Your blog will be the perfect opportunity to provide your potential customers with a way to engage with you that is focused on information sharing. When you provide information to your customers that will help increase their awareness on your subject, you are building trust which leads to longer-term customer loyalty.

So that when you do talk to them about your product and service offerings you have already built a foundation of trust.

You can also use your blog to create identities for people within your company, if there are members of the team who will make good ambassadors, encourage them to blog and allow personality to shine through. This will bring face and humanity to your company, which instils trust and credibility.

#3 Improve search engine rankings

The stats say it all! For every blog page you create you also create a new opportunity to be found in the searches. Blog posts are a great way to add new content on a regular basis, and the more often your content changes the more frequently your site is likely to be crawled – great news from an SEO perspective.

The other big SEO benefit to blog content is that it can acquire links, it can be picked up by any number of entities as an authoritative resource on your subject, tweeted, re-tweeted, commented on and linked to from other websites, blogs etc… time to market your blog post (another topic in its own right!)
Final Word from Camilla

“Focus on your blog as an opportunity to show your authority and humanity and to give your company a personality. In return you will reap the rewards!