Free Google AdWords Account AuditAccording to Google’s peer performance data, Fisheye Marketing are in the top 1% of Adwords Agencies in the UK in terms of performance. We specialise in Adwords Management for e-commerce businesses and have many years experience of designing and running commercial results based campaigns. Read on as we impart some ancient AdWords wisdom!

Since Christmas is just around the corner, now would be a good time to have a think about the health of your AdWords accounts or indeed setting up a new one.

1: What are your Adwords analytics stats telling you?

You may be surprised to learn that we regularly meet new clients that actually have no idea if their AdWords accounts are profitable because no cost/revenue analysis has ever been carried out.

We use return ratios as a key indicator of a campaign’s performance.  An average ratio to expect would be 7:1 (£7 return for every £1 spent on clicks), for the majority of our clients we are achieving around 10:1 or above, it is worth deciding upon a minimum return ratio and working within those parameters.

The Conv.value/Cost column shows the return ratio as 16:1 in the monthly report example to the right. To put that into perspective, you might expect about a 5:1 return on Amazon Marketplace once you factor in your costs.

Ratios largely depend on order value and conversion rate. The trick is to find the sweet spot between cost/revenue and optimise based on your data. This is a very complex subject and beyond the scope of this blog post but the long-term aim is to have all of your best performing SKUs in their own campaign with their own top level budget. The market will dictate what these products should be.

2 : Are you keen on price?

A successful Google Shopping Campaign is dependent on price so make sure that your pricing is competitive and run regular promotions – particularly over the Christmas period.

It is a good plan to carry out some competitor research for your products on Google Shopping. If your ratios aren’t looking very healthy, the first place to look is quite often your pricing strategy.

Also look at your shipping prices. The number one reason for cart abandonment is uncompetitive shipping charges.

3 : Is your Google Shopping feed in good shape?

Ensure your Google feed is managed correctly and that there are no data quality issues that could be affecting the number of products you are listing.

Feed Management is an art in itself and we spend many hours per year optimising feeds and responding to Google specification changes. This is critical work because feed issues can sink an otherwise sound Google Shopping campaign.

The example above has a few missing GTIN codes which are simple to fix but otherwise shows a consistent active rate. When was the last time you looked at your feed diagnostics report?

4 : Are you using re-marketing?

Use re-marketing as a tool to maximise revenue. Think of re-marketing for search as the AdWords advertisers secret weapon. Create lists of users and target them specifically with text and Google Shopping ads. One basic example, we can produce a bidding strategy that specifically targets users that have already visited your site.

5 : Are you using Ad extensions in your Search Network ads?

Ad extensions provide the opportunity to add more information to your ad than the basic headline, URL and ad copy. Use them to highlight aspects of your e-commerce business that will separate you from your competitors.

Extensions actually deserve a blog post of their own as there is plenty to say about them, but in short, site-link extensions are useful for showing links to your site below the regular ad copy.

Here is an example of the use of site links for our client Tokyo Laundry. They run regular flash promotions and site-links allow us to create urgency with compelling offers and direct the user to a specific landing page.

Google AdWords sitelinks example

The great thing about site-link extensions is that they can be attached to existing successful text ads so your promotions will be seen instantly.

Other useful extensions for e-commerce are phone call extensions, call-out extensions and structured data extensions.

6 : Conversion Tracking & KPIs?

We are firm believers in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at Fisheye. Most clients go with return ratio as mentioned in point 1 but you may have different requirements. Some clients get most of their sales via the phone for example. We will happily advise you on this.

Everything we do is data driven and that’s a philosophy that has served us well over the years. Make sure your conversion data is reliable because if you can’t measure it, then you can’t improve it.

In Summary

So if you think there is potential for improvement, or you just want to set up Adwords from scratch, now is time to get organised. Would you like us to have a look at how your Adwords account is performing for you?

Free Google AdWords Account Audit

Our FREE AdWords mini audit will provide you with an honest appraisal of whether there is potential to improve return on ad spend, reduce costs and grow online sales.

We make AdWords work. Even if it is working ok, we will make it work harder!

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