The proposed release date for Magento 2.2.0 is fast approaching (mid September 2017) and whilst the beta and various release candidate (RC) versions have been available for some time, they have only been available by cloning the relevant GitHub repos, which for Magento Enterprise Edition Commerce has only been available to developers/partners that have been granted access.

However, now the RC process is mid way through we have composer access at last 🙂 and I’ll detail how you can get the current RC below.


See Magento Dev Docs for system requirements, but also ensure you have the relevant access keys in order to download the edition you want.

Magento Community Edition Open Source:

Magento Enterprise Edition Commerce:


The above essentially does the following:

  1. The first command gets the latest version of the Magento community/enterprise ‘project’ (2.1.8 at time of writing) but does not install (hence the --no-install  flag)
  2. The second command updates the requirement of the Magento community/enterprise ‘product’ repo to version specified ( 2.2.0-rc20) and then triggers the install / download process

From here you can then proceed to install as normal, for more guidance see the Magento DevDocs Installation Guide.

Good luck and have fun with RC! 🙂

Bonus – B2B Edition:

Currently the B2B Edition modules can’t be installed via composer and still require specific access to the GitHub repo to install.

However if you want to wrap it up into composer, Alan Kent (Magento’s Chief Architect) has written a handy little post on how to do so here following discussion on Twitter: