This was Fisheye’s first grand prix of the year, with Jason hot favourite to take the prize. The odds were as follows Jason 3/1, Dave 8/1, Sarai 10/1, Cam 10/1, Stuart 12/1, Simon 20/1 James 25/1, Rees 33/1, Rob and Matt 100/1.

As we all stepped up to the track, the terrified look on James’ face dramatically changed his odds as we thought he was going to turn back, next a briefing to be shown the rules of the road this was mainly aimed at Stuart (renowned for his black hat tactics on the track)!


The 5 Lap qualifying run was uneventful, apart from Matt blocking off Simon after overtaking him, the Stewards did not take any action and put it down to the fact that Simon was just not quick enough.

The Grid was as Follows 1:Jason 2:Rees 3:Rob 4: Dave 5: James 6:Matt 7: Stuart 8:Simon 9: Sarai

Confusion on the grid followed as Sarai (the Spanish hot head of the road) ignored the Stewards and decided she was 3rd on the grid instead of 9th, and James (couldn’t find the brake pedal) over shot his grid box moving him up to 3rd instead of 5th. Luckily they were sent back to their rightful positions and the real race could begin.

The Race

The red lights went out and we were away, sprinting down to the first corner it was amazing nobody crashed. That however didn’t last long as on the 4th corner James decided that he was going to take out half the track, sending Simon, Sarai and Dave spinning all over the place. Rumours are circulating in the press that this was a tactical crash to help fellow developer Rees who finished 3rd.

Simon (thinks he is Lewis Hamilton but drives like a mini driver) had big plans to win the race but his hopes were dashed when he missed a corner and drove into a wall on the 4th lap. In summary, a bad day at the office for Simon with too many crashes that apparently were not his fault.

Sarai (very deadly, very fast with not a care for anything else) such a high hope, well she might as well have not turned up! We have agreed that the next challenge will be cupcake baking.

Jason (strong favourite, already a pro at this level and has already one trophy to his name) breezed this race, despite big pressure on his shoulders as the firm favourite, he drove like a true champion. However FIA and now investigating Jason as sources say that they were using illegal go-kart which is outside the engine rules.

Rob (drives with pixel perfection, unlikely to crash unlikely to make it above 10mph) was the biggest surprise of the day finishing 2nd after he was favourite to lose, it just shows when the pressures off you can just enjoy your race. A supreme performance.

Stuart (maybe destruction derby is more his field but if he stays on the track he is a possible outsider) showed off his driving skills, not even getting flags waved at him and no steward investigation.

Rees (far too nice for this game, could be a rank outsider) and Dave (the leader with the wise head, probably won’t make a mistake) finished nice and steady in 3rd and 4th. Mr. consistent Matt (doesn’t take to kindly to the headgear required for the event – no Trilby’s allowed) started 6th and finished 6th.

James (used to the bigger car, expect long pit stops for pot noodle and chips) was taken straight up to see the stewards to explain he actions on the track, no action was taken, leaving fellow racer Simon displaying his anger “that kid should never race again”. James was later seen leaving a nightclub at 3am, sources say that the team will investigate the issue internally.

Final Standings

1:Jason 2: Rob 3: Rees 4:Dave 5:Stuart Start 6: Matt 7: James 8:Simon 9:Sarai