For those of you that don’t know Kirsty she has a background as a PHP developer and is an authority in WordPress. Kirsty is an amazing developer, has written numerous articles, blog posts and tutorials but her talents don’t end there!

We are very proud to announce that Kirsty will be speaking at FrontEndNorth which is being held in Sheffield on the 30th September 2016. It is attended by over 300 delegates ranging from Newbies and Enthusiast to Senior Web and Digital Experts from all over the UK.

kirstyburgoineBeing quite a specialist event FrontEndNorth presents an exceptional opportunity for learning and knowledge sharing and contributing to the developer community.

At the event Kirsty will demonstrate how to use Flexbox to create truly flexible layouts. The basics will be covered along with how to use it, with some real world practical uses. The plan is for attendees to come away with a good understanding on exactly why it’s so great for building dynamic layouts! To help exploration along further, Kirsty will also cover some of the pitfalls, how to get around them and encourage an open dialogue around why it has taken many developers a long time to start using it. We hope attendees will come away with a great understanding of a perhaps underused creative system, if you want to watch Kirsty’s talk and many others, get yourself down to FrontEndNorth 2016.

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An overview of Kirsty’s talk will be posted after the conference along with other FrontEndNorth highlights.