We’ve added some extra functionality and made some major improvements, in this post I’ll cover the new functionality, there is also a YouTube video below with a quick demo of the extension in action, I hope you’ll like what we’ve done.

Clicking add to cart anywhere on the site adds the items and options including quantities without redirecting you to the cart page. The cart preview displays with a slide down, up or fade in, all controlled in the admin area, with the items you just added. The extension uses magentos standard stock control system, so if an item is out of stock, the user will be displayed a message.

Key Features

  • Removes the need for page reloads when adding items to the cart
  • Cart preview displays products in cart, including thumbnails, qty and pricing
  • Admin configuration allows modification of the modules behaviour including fade and slide effects
  • Works at product, category and search result level
  • Product options appear in colourbox if adding to cart from category
  • Supports grouped, bundled and configurable products
  • Multi-store and multi-language compatible

Here’s a video demonstration of the Magento AJAX cart preview in action and a tour of the admin area:

Rolling over the view my cart link will display the cart preview panel once again as shown below:


We have added the functionality that allows you to add products with options at category or search levels, by presenting the user with options in a colourbox, this will handle product options, configurable, bundled and grouped products.


We have also added a configuration page within the admin section of Magento. Here you can adjust appearance options, such as effect type, time delays etc.


And our advanced configuration area, gives developers some more options:

What we’ve improved:

  • Strong integration into Magentos block architecture (Shared Checkout Blocks)
  • Fully Customisable Administration Area
  • Advanced Development to allow update to elements within the DOM on cart updates
  • More efficient Ajax calls
  • Generic options are used rather than module specific configurations to match the sites tax and cart setup

Our demo site has the AJAX Cart preview installed, so you can try it out, if you want access to the admin area to test out, please contact us for a demo.

Our demo site: magento.myfisheye.co.uk

The AJAX Cart preview is available from our store for £69.99 + VAT