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we have a dedicated team of magento certified experts

An Experienced Team of Magento Developers

Creation of a Magento site can seemingly be done by many web developers but at Fisheye, having a team of dedicated Certified Magento Developers ensures we always approach Magento development in the correct way. We often inherit sites from non solution partners only to find that the Magento core has been destroyed and doesn’t follow the strict standards required for Magento customisation. This more often than not leads to a plethora of bugs, difficulty when upgrading Magento and slow down of the site.

Fisheye’s experienced magento development and solution specialists – made up of experienced Magento developers have a wide spread of expertise, from responsive UX, system integrations, custom development, hosting and performance optimisation. Our Certified Magento developers are able to tackle any custom development requirement and over the years have actively built up a core Magento code base that acts as the foundation for fast, streamlined deployment of bug-free sites.

We continuously evolve what Magento is capable of, from a custom hamper builder for Virginia Hayward to our own much improved Magento checkout process which now benefits all our clients.

To help maintain our position in the Midlands as the leading Magento Solutions Partner, we actively encourage and put all our developers through an internal training program with the end goal of becoming a Certified Magento Developer. As a result of this continual development, we currently have 2 Magento Plus Certified Developers, 2 Magento Certified Developers and 2 Magento Certified Front End Developers.

Site speed is key to customer retention and our developers know exactly where and how Magento optimisations can be made.

Streamlined, efficient Development

All of the developers at Fisheye follow a git development workflow, we do this for a number of important reasons. Firstly, we are able to collaborate on a project, meaning development time on your site is kept to a minimum. Secondly, because all our code is managed by git, it ensures we have a full history of any work undertaken on a project. This combined with scheduled release cycles means minimum disruption to your site and the ability for an easy roll back of any changes.

All of our work is put through vigorous testing before any release. We have dedicated internal QA staff and allocate 20% of the entire build time to this. Each sprint ends with feature level testing against specifications, followed up with full end-to-end multi browser device testing. We do all this even before the site delivered for user acceptance testing.

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