The 2012 Magento Imagine conference was held at the fittingly named iMagine Resort in Las Vegas. This annual event sees Magento partners, merchants and developers from all around the globe meeting up to network, attend lectures and share their knowledge with the Magento Community.

I have attended many Information Technology conferences and meet-ups in the past but never the Magento Imagine event, even though it’s a long way to travel, I was very impressed with what Magento had laid on, and not only that, to experience the spirit of the Magento Community in ‘real life’ was really inspiring.

Welcome to Vegas

My arrival in Las Vegas was greeted by Professor Brian Cox the English Particle Physicist (OK. so he wasn’t there to meet me, he just happened to be passing through U.S Immigration at the same time.), then followed a not so civilised meeting of an angry woman in a monster truck, who decided that my taxi driver needed to be disposed of.

Pre-Imagine Pool Party

An evening of ‘relaxing’ Vegas style allowed me to recover from the flight and the following afternoon the Magento community organised a pre- Imagine pool party (co-ordinated by @magentogirl and @sherrierohde). I found this event great to network and meet up with some of the people I had been communicating with for years, but have never met person. Free drinks had been laid on by the community sponsors, however not many were required to get the conversation flowing in the 35 degree Vegas sunshine.


The following 3 days of keynotes, breakouts, networking and barcamps helped me get the most from this event, so I will summarise the highlights from the 3 days that followed in 4 separate blog posts, these are:

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