Tanners - Fisheye


Responsive Experience on Magento 2

  • Advanced CMS
  • Cloud Search
  • Responsive Design
  • ERP & Fulfilment Integration
Launch Project

About this project

We are very proud to be working with Tanners, established in 1842 Tanners wine merchants have six physical stores which needed backing with a strong online presence.

Fisheye redeveloped an ageing Magento site on Magento 2, producing a content rich experience controlled by an advanced CMS providing Tanners with all the tools to effectively market and merchandise their site.

Full systems integration for order fulfilment and stock control are provided.

Post launch we are providing hosting and support alongside a continuous development program.

  • UX led design & development
  • Responsive Magento 2 development
  • Cloud search
  • Advanced CMS
  • Complex product bundles
  • Order fulfilment and stock control integration

Seeing is believing

We are fanatical about attention to detail and go above and beyond with the level of workmanship
we invest in the design and tech on every Fisheye site