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Magento Development

Well thought out development for a constantly connected multi touch point consumer

Magento Ecommerce Development

Across our certified Magento development team we have a breadth of skill, experience and the processes required to build your site the right way.

Fisheye’s development methodology is driven by retail focused decisions, right from the beginning, combining business insight, creativity and technical expertise. Using an online agile management approach allows us to carefully manage development progress and provides you with the visibility you need.

Our Magento developers actively maintain a core Magento code base, which forms the foundations for our site deployments. This allows for more cost effective deployment of proven (in the real world) core functionality and streamlines support and minimises bugs.

Fisheye’s isolated Magento checkout has evolved over the years through continuous testing and improvement, all of our customers now benefit from lower cart abandonment rates over both default Magento and one step checkout.

There are some great add ons to Magento out there and we’ll help you find them. Working with trusted partners in the Magento ecosystem and using a core set of proven extensions, our R&D allows us to understand the benefits and limitations of each solution.

After internal QA and user acceptance testing, full documentation is produced for custom features, we use this during client and internal training, so we can seamlessly transfer knowledge of your site to our support team.

Omni Channel Commerce

Understanding consumer behaviour in a constantly connected, social centric, multi touch point world is the secret to success online. Our focus is on delivering a technical solution that supports this current consumer behaviour.

As consumers are increasingly connected through a wide array of devices, the traditional multichannel commerce experience is becoming obsolete. Customers no longer interact with companies through single points, instead they interact through touch points.

The move towards omni channel retailing can seem like a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. We will help evaluate the potential, what’s workable for your business and what fits your consumers needs, building the technology to support this approach is something we do every day.

The good news is that Magento already has a lot of integrations with third party solutions, that help to build this joined up experience. We partner with the best software and service providers to offer you a complete solution.

Our skills and experience in this continuously changing multi touch point world means we are always evolving our offering through R&D and real world testing, and of course working with clients that are leading the way.

System Integration

Magento forms the perfect foundation for the small to medium online business. However, seamless integration with third party systems is essential for the delivery of straight forward solutions to support your operations, streamline order fulfilment and provide tools for merchandising and marketing.

At Fisheye we take a holistic approach when recommending an overall solution, and our experience of multiple system integrations gives us a great understanding of the benefits and limitations of each offering.

Focusing on streamlining repetitive administration tasks and reducing human error leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Allowing you and your team to focus on the things that matter.

We have a breadth of experience with integrations including analytical systems, channel integration, conversion optimisation, order fulfilment and management solutions.

Our R&D team are constantly researching new solutions, how they interact with Magento, and their overall suitability for our clients. As a Magento partner we have strong relationships with numerous solutions providers, allowing us to pass on benefits to our clients through enhanced service and support.

Our Partners

By partnering with select companies, we provide our clients with added benefits,
a higher level of support and specialist expertise.

Integration experience

We have previously integrated the following ERP's, merchandising, accounts,
marketing and fulfilment systems with Magento.

  • Akeneo
  • Bright Pearl
  • EBAY
  • Eseller Pro
  • InRiver PIM
  • MNP
  • Ometria
  • SAP Business One
  • SLI Systems
  • Sweetooth