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Protecting your search engine rankings and driving sales through paid search

Paid Search

Currently paid search drives 50% of our clients sales and for every £1 spent on Google we are achieving on average £10 in revenue. Fisheye have earned Google Partner status and have over 7 years experience in AdWords Managment. We are happy to take over and develop an existing account, or plan and execute brand new campaigns based on your marketing goals and KPIs.

One thing’s for sure, understanding best practice and sticking to it is essential for success, Adwords and Bing have evolved so much and become so complex that they have moved beyond what can be considered do-it-yourself platforms.


You can visually advertise your entire product range on Google with Google Shopping Ads.  These product level ads are great because they are highly visible. With Google Shopping comes an inevitable amount of feed management, we will work with you to manage this during the set up of campaigns and continuously monitor it to keep up with feed spec changes.

Text ads work well for ecommerce marketing nowadays mainly due to the introduction of additional features known as ad extensions. These are things like phone numbers, promotional text, sitelinks and Google maps. We can also put dynamic countdowns in text ads for time limited promotions and urgency – perfect if you run flash sales and promotions. Text ads and banner ads can appear on the content network too.

Display and re-marketing ads target visitors on relevant 3rd party websites using pre-designed ad banners or text ads.  Both can be a valid strategy if your goal is to increase brand awareness, certainly one to try if you are maximising success via Google Shopping and text ads.

AdWords mobile advertising

What our customers say

Since taking over management of our AdWords account from our previous agency, Fisheye have more than tripled our return on investment on the search network. Since we are in a fast moving market, our advertising requirements are very demanding because we run almost constant promotions. Fisheye have become an invaluable part of our business in this respect.

Sachin Passi, Marketing Director

Tokyo Laundry


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We are a google partner

Google Partners are online marketing companies, trusted by Google to help you succeed
on the web with their products. To earn partner status:

  • We follow best practices
  • We have happy customers
  • We pass Adwords exams every 12 months

Technical SEO Site Health

Our SEO health check service manages the way the search engines interact with your website, keeping on top of algorithm changes and spotting potential technical SEO issues and fixing them quickly.

Simple and seemingly innocent content changes that you make to your site each month, can cause potential SEO issues if left un-detected. Our service includes the monthly monitoring of your site for any adverse changes in key criteria. If we do spot any issues, we will carry out further investigation to pinpoint the problem and contact you to discuss next steps.

We will also keep you up to date with specific technical SEO information which could affect your Magento site. We will be the first to notify you if Google is going to make algorithm changes that could potentially impact your site, so you have the right information at your fingertips and a strategy to manage it.

Magento SEO

Magento SEO Site Migration

We specialise in protecting your hard earned search engine rankings during a site migration, and look for opportunities to maximise Magento technical site health along the way.

The Fisheye marketing team have been perfecting this process over the past 5 years so you can count on us to ensure that the transition is seamless. Because Magento is an ecommerce platform, site migration can be damaging and we take it very seriously.

If you have an existing SEO team, we are happy to communicate directly with them to keep them in the loop throughout the process.

Fisheye Magento SEO Extension

Designed by our SEO team and delivered by our Technical team our Magento extension automatically fixes a number of SEO issues that we have encountered regularly over the last few years. It makes site migration simpler and contains some time saving features for you too.

We have our extension successfully on many high profile sites to date with excellent results.

Magento SEO site migration

Fisheye Magento SEO Extension Features

Disabled Product 301 Redirects

Disabled Product 301 Redirector

This feature allows the user to re-direct a product when it is disabled, avoiding the dreaded 404s which in the SEO world are bad news
Robots.txt editor

Robots.txt editor

By default, Magento requires a lot of roboting to prevent over-indexation. The Robots.txt editor makes this time consuming task a lot easier
Dynamic Meta Data Generator

Dynamic Meta Data Generator

Automatically writes each title tag and meta description for every product and category saving you time when adding to your catalogue Integration for SEO Integration

This feature adds the standard code that will allow Google to display product attributes directly in the search results such as price, brand etc.