‘Janey Loves’ has awarded Thepureemporia.com with the Platinum award for the best natural online shop for 100% natural beauty and skincare products.

This award was created by Janey Lee Grace having made it her life’s passion to source, seek, test and recommend the best natural eco and organic products and services in the market place. An influential award from an influential lady, Janey can often be heard on BBC Radio 2, and has been voted one of the top 10 most influential people in the 2011 Natural Beauty Yearbook.

A winning idea

When the Pure Emporia approached Fisheye for a new Magento ecommerce site we knew we could help. Sharon, The Pure Emporia’s founder had a brilliant idea; she wanted to develop an ecommerce site to sell carefully selected natural products free from ‘nasty’ ingredients, as well as naming and shaming the nasties that appear in our skincare products including well known brands.

Question: What do you know about the chemicals in your skin care products?

On the Product Ingredients page you will find lists of all the skincare and beauty productsingredients that don’t harm our health. Check this page and compare this list of ingredients with the beauty and skincare products you are currently using, you are going to be surprised how many harmfull ingredients we use on a daily basis!

Happy, healthy Christmas!

Now that Christmas is approaching, why don’t you take care of the ones you love and gift them with natural products? Click here to see The Pure Emporia’s selection of great gift sets for this Christmas.

Congratulations from the Fisheye Team

No wonder the Fisheye team have enjoyed this project so much (particularly me!), which has involved branding and logo design as well as web design and delivery of a full Magento ecommerce solution based on Sharon’s concept.

Congratulations Sharon for this award. There was lots of hard work involved in the creation of this website and we know you deserve it!